the microTone

The microTone is a microtonal polyphonic synthesizer and MIDI/OSC controller for the iPad.
Version 1.1 is now available on the app store




- control one octave fluently without steps. Just glide over the keyboard with up to 10 fingers!
- switch octaves or lowest/highest notes
- the microTone has an integrated polyphonic synthesizer with 8 different sound presets (more to come!)
- send pitch data over MIDI cable to your computer
- send pitch data over WiFi to your computer (receive MIDI or OSC data with e.g. max/MSP or OSCulator)

- receive microTone MIDI or OSC  data with osynth: a free synthesizer, made for the microTone. 

Click here to download max/MSP parsing tutorial patches

Click here to download osynth